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This is grounded in an amazingly universal reality. It is NOT just about the two ethereally innocent and lovely pubescent lovers but about the ugly adults who surround them. The photography is delightful and the film has a very naturally flowing pace giving you the feeling that you've really stepped backwards in time! this is an absolutely romantic movie with a great feel of falling in love with great pictures and fantastic music. Very different from Andersson's later, much more surreal films. This is certainly valid. Down the tenements, watching the train below, she's waiting for him. A simple old fashioned love story with two actors who were born for these roles. Directed by Roy Andersson. This page works best with JavaScript. It´s very easy to relate to the attraction that Per and Annika feels for each other and their shy, clumsy efforts to get together. This was the debut of a fresh faced Andersson in his mid twentys. It's been a while since I attended a World Cinema Series screening at the National Museum, and this 1970 film by Roy Andersson, making his feature film debut with A Swedish Love Story, was an opportunity to head back to soak in yet another important film in the history of cinema, and a film that perhaps is making its premiere in Singapore as well. Wickedly humorous and poignant love story between two romantic adolescents experiencing love for the first time. Sensitive rendering of a teenage romance with absurdist touches, nice camera-work and nice score featuring nice period songs. Ever. Presented by Ben Slater, he managed to confirm with a Swedish member of the audience that En k ‰rlekshistoria means just that in English, something which I thought probably would have translated to something more sophisticated rather than to seem as if it's differentiating itself from the Ryan O'Neal-Ali McGraw American romance movie Love Story. Copyright © Fandango. Reviewed in the United States on November 19, 2010. I thought it was a recently made film at first (had not looked at all at what sort of film it was) and thought: "Wow, where did they get all these authentic 60's cars???" Awards Two terrific lead performances. In the midst of very ordinary lives with somewhat dysfunctional families, two kids meet and fall in love. Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer. Although this film is far more realistic that the later films by Roy Andersson, it still has an absurd feeling, especially in the final part, but also before. Roy Andersson speaks about how for him the most important aspect of the film is the world of the parents, the difference in social class of both families. That wasn't at all the case. Don't have an account? Excellent order service and cover plastic of product!!!! Den Vackre and The Bertil Theme are particularly beautiful. Watch them dance. A simple premise that gets dissected in a phenomenal way. I don't know anything about life in Sweden in the sixties, but such degree of mediocrity, frustration and (male) aggressiveness seemed to me beyond belief - rather a funhouse of abstractions of modern angst than a sample of real people. All rights reserved. The last quarter changes the tale into a socio-psychological film on adults. The first three quarters of the film gives one an impression that it is a teenage love tale. The unhealthiness of your family and every-day had become like a too well-known background noise which you only got aware of later in life. You can almost hear ABBA coming, just right around the corner. Sadly this film, Roy Anderssons in my opinion finest one, is not available on video. Both were highly acclaimed in Sweden. This film, as I see it, is a slightly absurd view of the world through the selective gaze of two young persons in love. Just took me 42 years to catch up with this classic. In the near end where the adults party and the teenagers frolic, Par and Annika are locked in the same wordless embrace as they have been for the majority of the film, completely certain of their feelings. User Ratings Excellent, rare and cute movie!! I have heard good things about it, so I watched until the end. I saw this at the National Gallery of Art so I guess some people must see the benefits of viewing this film but I can not for the life of me see any reason to mount this film in any film festival. This is a great little film, describing two teenagers first love experience. There's something about this film that hits you - something between the frames and apart from what you see. Swedish auteur Roy Andersson's feature debut at the age of 27, who has only made 5 films so far (mainly due to a 25-year hiatus from 1975-2000 of directing feature film, he has made many shorts though during the spell), his latest work A PIGEON SAT ON A BRANCH REFLECTING ON EXISTENCE (2014), is a prestigious Golden Lion winner. If the exact same film had been made now (almost, if not impossible, me thinks) it would still be a great success. Above all, it shows the joy and agony of teenagers being in love. Not only is the central puppy love story not very interesting, but plot point after plot point is left hanging. In the park, eyes meet, first sight. and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. Reviewed in the United States on May 10, 2016. Sensual, sad, and funny. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. There's a suggestion here from Andersson that the youth too will inherit this universal despair, aimlessness and quest for status - that these memories that are ingrained so strongly will become wisps in the wind as they age. | A Nutshell Review: A Swedish Love Story DICK STEEL 11 August 2009. Even though it's almost 40 years old it feels like it was shot yesterday (especially with the crisp DVD I saw). A product of great directing by Roy. Alienated, disillusioned, broke, tired, and devoid of hope, these adults seem on the brink of meltdown. I love the simple emerging love story between two great kids. - and even from the grossly under-appreciated Giliap, made only a few years after En kärlekshistoria, are wearing blinders, choosing to see only the loveliness on its surface and denying the hard reality under and all around the loveliness. It really hits the spot, showing Sweden as it was in the 1970s, complete with dull apartments, the very tough moped gang and, of course, the summer party in the country house. Remarkable, astonishing, beautiful: a perfect work of natural genius, Roy Andersson's feature debut at the age of 27. Beautiful film! On the dusty playground, he leaves her, she runs after him, he comes back, he hugs her, and it's suddenly summer. Striking the ending where in the delirium of ethyl salesman refrigerators will raise the desperate cry of a social failure as a prelude to the final tragicomic in the morning fog, a new sad homecoming. Smells like teen spirit, tastes like chicken, The last quarter of the film anticipates the Andersson films of the 21st century. The film is beautifully shot and gives a wonderful look at Sweden of that time, through the eyes of teenagers then. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average.

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