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adam levy attorney

Adam Michael Levy P.C. Home | ADAM M. LEVY, P.C. There is no matter, large or small, that we cannot manage or accommodate in order to achieve our clients' goals based on their respective resources. Galganio’s client was an advent supporter of New York’s Putnam County Sheriff Donald Smith, which was Levy’s motive behind targeting the Westchester D.A in the first place. A few years later, Levy was caught up in another legal case where he falsely accused and framed Westchester District Attorney George Galganio of bribing a sexually assaulted victim into not testifying against his client at the time, Lani Zaimi. NEXT: Kim Kardashian Speaks Out To Defend A Sex Trafficking Victim From Being Wrongfully Indicted.

Adam Levy Adam Levy, Esq. Serves him right. This Comment Made By Katy Perry Had Britney Spears’ Fans Turn On Her, Here's Why Fans Are Curious About Post Malone's Teeth, Here's What 'Little Rascals' Star Bug Hall Looks Like Now, Howard Stern Almost Made A 'Marvel' Movie With Stan Lee, Here's Why Kevin Smith Thought He Ruined Seth Rogen's Career. Practicing law is an art, with each client's particular issues inspiring the lawyer to creatively and effectively resolve them. By accessing and using this Website, you agree to the terms and conditions contained in this Disclaimer.

Adam Michael Levy P.C. is the managing member of Levy & Levy, LLC. However, the former D.A also picked up a few of Scheindlin’s “bad habits” when it came to attracting legal disputes. United States District and Bankruptcy Courts: Eastern, Southern, United States District Court: District of Connecticut, New York City Bar Association: Real Property Law Committee.

Certain information provided on this website may constitute Attorney Advertisements. I know that you did not interfere with the investigation of Mr. Hossu. This Is How Halle Berry Amassed Her $90 Million Net Worth, Britney Spears Fans Believe An Imposter Is In Her Latest IG Pic Launch #FindBritney. The firm uses carefully formulated legal strategies combined with a steadfast dedication to its clients' causes to maximize the value its clients' resources and successfully accomplish their goals. Additionally, the lack of evidence just made the legal slapping Smith was about to receive sting all the more.

He began his career as an associate with Shaw Licitra Gulotta Esernio & Schwartz, P.C., a Garden City firm established by his Uncle, J. Stanley Shaw - a one-time candidate for New York City Mayor. Adam Levy especially isn’t the outstanding political figure we’d expect him to be.

reality tv-star Judy Scheindlin, who is most recognized for her 1996 show. In turn, Levy got his day in court when Galganio’s client Lani Zaimi filed a $130K lawsuit against him. Ariana Grande Reveals The Cutest Ballot Deliverer, Scott Disick Goes On Another Date After Being 'Shunned' By Kourtney Kardashian, Fans Accuse Bella Thorne Of 'Queerbaiting' In TikTok Kiss Video, Justin Bieber Breaks Fans' Hearts With Emotional New Song And Video 'Lonely'. Judy Scheindlin’s son, Adam Levy especially is bad news, as the former legal attorney keeps ending up on the wrong side of the courtroom. We represent individual and corporate clients in complex and sophisticated commercial and bankruptcy litigations in both state and federal courts. RELATED: Divorce Court: 20 Secrets Producers Don't Want Us To Know.

In the end, Smith’s earlier statements backfired on him.

. In Monday’s opening arguments Levy’s attorney, Michael Sussman, detailed the web of untruths spun by Smith, and his communications team in press releases distributed in … was established in 2013 by Adam Michael Levy, a New York barred attorney with more than 15 years of experience litigating commercial, civil and bankruptcy matters venued throughout New York's Federal and State Courts. However, Putnam County Sheriff Donald Smith, who has outwardly expressed his dislike for the former district attorney, claimed that Levy’s separation from Hossu was clearly staged. He then set off with the knowledge, experience and skills gained from his time working at Shaw to become a part of Simmons Jannace & Stagg P.C. His comprehensive litigation experience is complemented by a proficiency in structuring, negotiating and closing all manner of commercial and real estate transactions. While at Goldberg Weprin, Mr. Levy's practice focused on real estate and bankruptcy litigation, as well as landlord-tenant disputes. The company or organization that Adam Michael Levy serves is Adam Michael Levy, P.C.. … . Mr. Levy invites you to continue perusing the Firm’s website and review the particular areas of law the Firm handles, the decisions Mr. Levy has obtained, and the insights that may be beneficial to you and your business concerns. Certain information provided on this website may constitute Attorney Advertisements. He’s argued cases before some of New York's highest courts, including the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, New York's Court of Appeals, and the Appellate Division, as well as more local venues that include the Supreme, Civil, District and Village Courts located throughout New York City's boroughs and downstate counties.

Shortly after, Levy revealed his suspicions about Smith’s true intentions, which were to hinder the New York D.A political efforts. Today, Levy & Levy, LLC, has a presence throughout Florida and Georgia, and handles workers’ compensation, employment law, subrogation, and civil litigation on behalf of a number of Fortune 500 companies. The answers to these questions are two-fold. This creates certainty, which staves off disputes and avoids protracted litigation. COMMERCIAL, CIVIL, AND BANKRUPTCY LITIGATION. brings a practical and business-oriented approach to dispute resolution, with the goal of achieving the most effective results for our clients. Adam Michael Levy is an attorney admitted to practice in New York State in 2004. COMMERCIAL, CIVIL, AND BANKRUPTCY LITIGATION. Her son Adam Levy even went into the family business by becoming the New York District Attorney for some years. Smith went as far as to say that Levy used his power as a district attorney to alter the end result of the case. The registration number with NYS Office of Court Administration (OCA) is #4224978. Five years later, Mr. Levy accepted an offer to practice in the litigation department of Goldberg Weprin Finkel Goldstein, LLP, a real estate firm headquartered in New York's Times Square. The types of matters and issues the firm handles include the following: Adam Michael Levy P.C. As a result, Levy wasn’t selected for re-election in 2015. The former New York D.A was accused of blatantly abusing his power to frame a well-respected lawyer out of spite. Long time reality tv-star Judy Scheindlin, who is most recognized for her 1996 show Judge Judy, especially has an interesting family background.

Judge Judy played a small-claims dispute judge for all of 25 years on CBS, delivering both humor and a heavy dosage of a reality check to the accused. Seems hard to believe that the millionaire superstar and no-nonsense judge would involve herself in so much bad press. At Simmons Jannace, Mr. Levy enjoyed marked success representing Fortune 500 retailers, banks/lenders, municipalities, motor vehicle finance companies, health clubs and utilities in lawsuits involving employment disputes, real estate disputes, construction/development contracts, bank regulation, creditors' rights, landlord-tenant issues, finance leases, stock transfers, corporate dissolution, discrimination, mortgage fraud and fire loss. Some of the decisions and results Mr. Levy has obtained for his clients over the years can be reviewed on the Decisions page of this Website. F: (866) 321-6366. Smith’s written apology read as follows, “ . RELATED: ‘Judge Judy’ Is Ending After 25 Seasons Adam Levy’s Sketchy Legal Case It was reported back in 2013, that the former NY District Attorney was accused of tampering with the rape case of a 12-year-old girl. The accused was quickly identified as an immigrant from Romania, who had been illegally residing in the United States for over a decade after failing to renew his Visa.

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