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A team is allowed to hit the birdie up to three times while on its side before it makes it over the net. Go to a corner at the back from the middle and smash and then move to middle. Another fun badminton drill requires no racket at all. The team in Square 1 will serve the shuttle to any other team. Written by John Wu. Doing actual footwork is great for improving your footwork as obvious as it sounds but what if you don’t have a court? Drill 1:-Throw a ball with one hand against the wall and catch it with the other Often they are made to do it by... Badminton Success Requires A Workable System. Take an old shuttle and hit it against the wall. For both these variants, 3 sets of 12 is a good warm-up and 5 sets of 20 is if you want to push yourself and improve your stamina a lot more. At that time, he will jump up and attempt a return. There are 6 points that we point to; left in front of the net, right in front of the net, left and right middle of sideline, left back corner, and right back corner. Badminton is a very strategic and fast paced game so it’s necessarily to have that agility. When the game starts, everyone got 10-20 points and when the shuttlecock drops, the one whose quarter it drops get a minus point. The lying player must jump up and return the shuttle. Yonex Nanogy 98 Badminton String Review – Wrong Yonex Category? Every badminton player will tell you that you need speed and ... More →Badminton Drills and Exercises For Improving Footwork Badminton Drills for Children By: Doug Hewitt Published: 08 July, 2011 Vicheslav/iStock/Getty Images Badminton is a game played on a court, much like tennis. Badminton Strategy & Tactics Badminton strategy and tactics explained including doubles tactics and how to gain an advantage playing the form of the singles game. Shuffling and running are great exercises for improving your stamina and speed and thus your footwork. Every badminton player will tell you that you need speed and stamina to win. Lose attack/ Forced to Lift Minus 5 Points. To work on balance and speed place four shuttles in each corner of the court. Serving challenge is a badminton drill used to hone your serving skills and hand-eye coordination. The player then moves as quickly as they can to place the shuttles upright. These drills are something me and my badminton playmates are playing sometimes when we feel our training are bored or the moment we just not in the mood of playing a serious game. I recommend 3 sets of 1 minute for each of the variants. Normally, for a player who accumulates 3 points first will win the game.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'burbankbadminton_org-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_9',112,'0','0'])); The winner will be the king and remain in court. What I like about doing this drill by yourself is that you can imagine you’re playing a game and do footwork based on what the opponent hits. There are 6 variants that should all be practiced. Again speed is not the most important but rather technique. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. That team must do the same. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. It will be posted here when new membership is open, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCp7imCM4h4, Friday 6:30pm - 11:00pm  Five courts only, Everyone - please bring a printout of your registration to the club. Note that the same player may not hit the birdie twice in a row. Suicides are great for agility and speed. Using the 20 birdies, the team will work to score as many points as possible using the correct serving form. For both these drills, you want to switch sides after a few sets so you can practice both backhand and forehand movements. This drill is usually played with two pairs but can be modified when practicing with two players.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'burbankbadminton_org-medrectangle-3','ezslot_10',108,'0','0'])); Each of the players gets their own quarter of the court (if training with two players, each of them got their own side). You should practice your beginner badminton drills a few times per week before your regular training. In this badminton drill, you need two players. If a team misplays the shuttle or hits it out of bounds, the team members have one strike against them. Read the full Affiliate Disclosure here. There are more opportunities in training than limitations. It incorporates a lightweight racket and a shuttlecock, or "birdie," that must not touch the ground as it passes between players. Players on one team will hit the birdie over the net so that it falls between the other team’s boundaries. That team must return the shuttle to any other square they desire. To see this page as it is meant to appear, please enable your Javascript! This way is a lot more convenient and you can target specifically at what your not good at. There’s no doubt that adding a few select badminton drills can enhance your performance. Process. Let me explain how to do this. The final winner will then switch side by going to the other half of the court and become a new king to fight against those challengers. However, once the student who serves has served, he must lie down until the shuttle returns over the net. I’ll walk you through a few badminton drills and exercises for improving footwork. For example, moving back to the backhand corner. These tips are great for me and really make me want to get back into the swing of things (pardon the pun) This fast-paced drill requires one racket per person and one shuttle per pair. One of the ways to practice this way is to move to wherever your partner points. Then run to fourth line and run back and so on. Please take a look around my site and add a comment if you feel like it. Those are great for improving your body fitness as a whole. Hit the shuttle with your forehand and … For this volleyball-like lead-up game, you will need a racket for each player and one birdie. The first team to reach this number of points is the winner. As with the first drill mentioned, two players can team up and practice accuracy on the same side of the court. Beginner Badminton Drills. Currently the club has 200 adult members and 100 junior members. The team who scores the most points in that specific time wins. Start in the middle, slightly more towards the net, of a full court this time. Have each group stand on the baseline on one side of the net. If you have many players and you want to keep them all active and attentive, mock games are always enjoyable and educational. In this post, I will present various badminton drills and exercises for improving footwork. What Equipment Do You Need to Play Badminton? Get Good At Badminton is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Once the timer starts, forehand net kill at the net and then move back to the middle. Try not to bounce when you land so you can immediately shuffle when you land. Your training does not have to be all the same every day. It’s great for your body! To prepare for the game or to develop these benefits, try badminton drills and lead-up games. The drill will continue in this manner until the allotted time is up. To practice smashes and clears at the same time, have one group of players line up on one side of the net and the other group of players on the other.

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