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bowden's snow foam

After using many name brand products for many years to wash my pride and joy I honestly baulked at the pricing of Bowdens own products. These two products are currently available from our supporting AutObarn, Supercheap Auto, Repco as well as many other independent stores. Don't overturn this part or rotate it too hard.

This is our selection of adapters to hook our Snow Blow Cannon up to many different pressure washers. A lot of snow foams were made to be quite strong, so they can strip the car of all its waxes and sealants, which is more suitable for professional detailers to decontaminate the car before they begin their multi stage methods of paint care and repair.

I'm always willing to pay a premium if I get a quality product that works as advertised and I can say without a doubt that this product is spot on.

1 mix of water and cleanser is enough to do 2 AU Falcons. It’s easy to identify the new formula in two ways: we recently added a new blue shield on the front lower right of the bottle, replacing the green one, and it of course says “New Version” on it.

Bowden's Own really outdid themselves on this product, and the quality of all their products is honestly remarkable!

Use on all my cars its a must to the collection for an easy and effective pre wash! This is by far my favourite product in the whole line up, super easy, super fast and so fun to use! Keep the Cannon about a metre away from the cars surface to cover it in a lovely, thick foam. Super soft and safe microfibre wash mitt. A touch-less pre-wash snow foam, to help stop swirl marks when washing. We engineered ours to be more enthusiast friendly, with a gentle pH balanced formula that allows it to be used more regularly. We supply the popular current Karcher K Series, Gerni/Alto/Nilfisk Pro/Kew and Stihl pressure washer adapters to hook your pressure washer up to the Snow Blow Cannon. For a touch-less pre-wash that helps avoid creating nasty swirl marks. Adjust the Cannon’s blue end nozzle to find your desired foam arc. Plus when you sit down and work out how much product you actually use per wash, it isn't as expensive as first thought. My Pajero gets real dirty, real muddy and dusty, Bowden's Own Snow Job is great a loosening up the grime to help me achieve a scratch free wash. Also don't tell anyone, but it's hella satisfying to foam up the car then wash it off ;), With a 1:9 ratio you get a serious amount of wash’s out of one 2L bottle.

Quality made and more advanced design, especially created for mega foaming action. It has a purpose specific grouping of detergents that work to loosen and remove the grit and grime as it dwells on the car. Starting on the lower sections and rear of the car, working your way around the car, from the bottom to the top, allowing the foam a longer dwell time on the dirtier lower areas.

Get a long-lasting classy sheen, that doesn't fling.

Simply screw on the correct adapter and connect to the pressure washer! A touch-less pre-wash snow foam, to help stop swirl marks when washing. Check to make sure this tube is connected right and not kinked or blocked in any way. Nine other popular adapters also available, choose the right adapter for your pressure washer article is here below.

As other reviews here have stated about the product, it just looks so damned cool! After watching many youtube videos learning the best tips for keeping my new car in excellent condition, i came across bowden's own snow cannon. This is why snow foaming has now become so popular with hardcore enthusiasts and professional detailers to do before hand-washing their cars. Attach the gun/Cannon to the machine with the right adapter and you’re ready to foam. Squeeze the trigger of your pressure washer till the foam starts coming out.

A lot of these fittings will work on other machines as well (there are literally hundreds of different machines) but if we don't have the fitting you're needing, they can usually be found online at different EBay stores. View Product .

A great tool to stop your electrical cords and hoses getting caught around the tyres. We have found the base model Karcher K Series pressure washers don't allow the Cannon to swivel and sit straight, so apply some extra thread tape to the connector end and move to where it feels comfortable.

We also think it's best to foam in the cooler parts of the day, like first up in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Get a long-lasting classy sheen, that doesn't fling.

The beading is back bigger than ever.

Use the Fully Slick protective spray after the car is all done, or apply our Happy Ending finishing foam to now protect the paint as per the information below.

When you wash your car each an every week, you need a high quality product.

1000% recommend Bowdens Own!
Our Safe Wash System kit is our newest kit and comes with the important products from our Safe Wash System.

Don’t turn it on yet! Bad water quality.

You will love the Daddy. Pressure wash the whole car starting from the top and working to the bottom, cleaning the very back of the car last so the foam has the longest dwell time on it. The very first batch was made last September and it still used the original label. If there was only light dust or sea spray on the car, we find the Snow Job foam can remove it all, so you can begin drying it with The Big Green Sucker microfibre drying towel and the Boss Gloss spray as the lubricant/drying aid spray. We put the Snow Job in last so it doesn’t foam up while you’re filling.

I'm using a smidgen less than 50ml in 450ml and that's probably enough for two cars but I get carried away and re-dose the car, because I can. I found cleaning my car a lot more fun and enjoyable with the use of the Snow Blow Cannon, and honestly the urge to wash it daily just because the cannon is so amazing is a temptation, even though the car doesn't need it!

And when people comment on the finish you know you must be doing something right.

Bought after much research and definately worth the investment.

Defiantly worth the money.

I love this product. Just spray the vehicle & the dirt and grime runs straight off.

Bowdens does it again. I bought this last week and it is brilliant.

The Snow Blow Cannon should not be confused as an alternative to hand washing - rain and dirt marks do often still get left on the vehicle after the Snow Job is left to dwell however it is easily removed by just wiping a finger over the dirt.

A distance of 30 to 50cm away is always recommended so no damage can occur from the water jet. Excellent pre wash to to three bucket wash and then after glow. Mix at 100mls of Snow Job in 900mls water (1:9 ratio).

Stubby water bottle, so it won't tip over when filling or storing. When my detailer told me to make the switch after hearing of my complaints about the current appearance of my ride, I now wonder why I didn't switch over earlier.

This means the Cannon will take on less wash solution, meaning more air, which means greater foam.

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