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Looking for movie tickets? Boetticher and "Decision at Sundown" scenarist Charles Lang put the accent on humor and the villains—while appropriately greedy with villainy—are neither as flawed nor narcissistic as most Boetticher foes. This makes this film all the more disappointing - it is very much the poor relation of the others. Anyhow, My Dad took his Aires 35-IIIL along for a random studio/location tour, and it just so happens that some of the scenes for the movie were being filmed that day. There is a marvellous scene of dark comedy between Randolph Scott and L.Q.Jones as they 'bury' another guy (who has tried to kill Scott)in a tree!!!. What no women? Registration is completely free and will enable the use of all site features including the ability to join in or create your own discussions. This picture was taken by the left side of the building that you see in the broader view above. This is one of the best westerns I have ever seen, I have seen many Randolph Scott's B westerns which I found just OK, but this one is very entertaining and with interesting characters too. Nice skies and made me smile. A bounty hunter escorts a killer to be tried for murder, but allows the man's outlaw brother to catch up with them to have a showdown over a previous shocking murder. Taut direction from Budd Boetticher in another of his great westerns with Randolph Scott. This FAQ is empty. Judge Tol Avery, Sheriff Barry Kelley and hotel owner Peter Whitney. For even more, visit our Family Entertainment Guide. Perhaps the only really unjustified feature of this Western is the title. Big Excitement! The comedy partly stems from Burt Kennedy ("Support Your Local Sheriff!") One thing Buchanan *doesn't* do is ride alone. At trial, he's acquitted and released. The supporting cast are not quite on the same level but do give above average performances if never quite standing out properly, with only Craig Stevens not quite fitting.What is immediately noticeable and intriguing about 'Buchanan Rides Alone' is its tone. On his way home to West Texas, Tom Buchanan rides into the Californian border town of Agry, and into a feud between several members of the Agry family. At least one director who worshipped Boetticher believes that the feuding Argy clan that squabbles over the control of the town foreshadowed Sergio Leone's similarly themed "Fistful of Dollars.". So when the murder of the boss' son does occur, even though it's obvious that Scott wasn't involved, the sheriff is bent on hanging him. [1], Although the screenplay is credited to Charles Lang, his script was deemed unsuitable, so Boetticher asked his regular writer, Burt Kennedy, to rewrite the script. The music (can it be coincidence?) Looking for movie tickets? Buchanan Rides Alone is surprising and surprisingly good. A cloudy morning it appears. The Agry family are certainly some easy-to-hate villains. Surprisingly, someone else ends up killing this angry drunk before Scott even has to worry about this. Buchanan goes to retrieve the money, but Lew gets the drop on him as Buchanan has run out of bullets. Peter Whitney plays it straight in a competent and effective way while Robert Anderson is permitted, nay even encouraged to camp it up almost pants style. Jeremy Perkins {J-26}, While the western genre is not my favourite one of all film genres (not sure which one is my favourite due to trying to appreciate them all the same), there is a lot of appreciation for it by me. This is the scene at about 55 minutes in, where Juan, Pecos and Buchanan are headed to Mexico to intercept the ransom money; it’s depicted in the movie as night time by using a darkening filter over the lens. Fandango FANALERT® Sign up for a FANALERT® and be the first to know when tickets and other exclusives are available in your area.

Christine Lahti Daughter, Rachel True Net Worth, Barbora Skrlova Interview, Brainstorm Automation, Rudy Movie Questions And Answers, Peter Piras,


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