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descriptive essay on my first day at school

She wrote ‘yes’ at the appropriate column in the admission form. We are good friends now and from then on we do many activities together. But his smiling face and gentle eyes put me at ease.

Then they invited me to join them.

At least, it was so in my case.

Your email address will not be published. Good morning everyone. The power to make a difference was the strategy campaign utilized by a recruitment organization to promote awareness and spark of interest in nursing careers among youth. I felt very excited. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Her skin was a russet color and her hair was a shady black.

I had a new bag, water bottle, … She asked me to come close to her. International Earth Day- Short Essay/Speech for students, How I spent My Summer Vacation- By Madhav, The Land of Dreams- Story By Malavika Vinod, Mahatma Gandhi: A Teacher for Humanity- By Fida. Meanwhile, I had gathered courage and I was able to answer all the questions without much hesitation. It was a small school with eight rooms. But soon I became very easy. The school had a compound with lush green lawns and flowers bedded. The next morning my mother woke me early in the morning.

I leapt into her arms. 30 am. First Day at School-Simple Essay/Paragraph for children,kids,students of grade 3,4,5,6,7.It was my first day at school.

Then he pointed me a letter chart and asked me to say some letters. PhDessay is an educational resource where over 1,000,000 free essays are collected. Finding me in a new environment my heart began to beat. Esteemed Director Sir, Principal, Teacher’s &; my junior Colleagues. Day by day, we have been best friends at university and usually helped each other in studies and also in life. “Yes” I said, and then she asked me if I could be her friend? I found that all my teachers were careful, friendly and helpful. on, A Memorable Day In My Life: My First Day at School. Thus I finished my first day at school. through my first day at school with only a few minor pushes in the corridor and just one piece of homework. Learn how your comment data is processed. Show More . Here we have a paragraph writing structure, paragraph writing topics for class 9, creative writing ideas, essay writing for kids, essay writing examples, English  paragraph writing examples, writing prompts, essay writing topics, writing skills, writing prompts for middle school, writing prompts for high school, short writing prompts, essay writing prompts, creative writing, descriptive paragraph writing, introduction paragraph, 3rd and 4th grade writing prompts, writing ideas, paragraph writing practice online, online paragraph writing, writing an essay introduction and much more so let’s dive in to learn-.

Saturday, the 20 th Feb, 1977 was my last day at School. The students of class IX arranged a farewell party in honor of the outgoing students of class X. My father proposed that I should be admitted into a school in class one the next day.

By continuing we’ll assume you’re on board with our cookie policy, Your Deadline is Too Short? She studied the admission form quickly.

Now it’s time for the moment in all our lives, the moment when we leave.

There were ten teachers including the physical instructor. I was six years old and one day my mother told me that I am going to school from next day.

I was so happy that I couldn’t stop myself from saying yes. It took us half an hour to reach the school. !After reaching home I ran to the prayer room knelt down and thanked God because before going to school I had asked God to find a friend for me that day itself. Retrieved from https://phdessay.com/a-memorable-day-in-my-life-essay/. Don’t miss a chance to chat with experts. She washed me very well, combed my hair and dressed in new clothes.

the teacher came fast, since all were shouting. That first moment when we saw each other is engraved in my head. Education enlightens a person in the same way a lamp brightens a dark room. At first, I felt a bit nervous and shy.

My first day at school is such a day. She welcomed me and took me to the class and gave me a seat.

The headmaster’s office was separate.

Then he called Ms Fatema, the class teacher of class one to take me to the class.

However, her sweet voice soon allayed my fears.

My school broke up at 12 pm.

My last day at school. The memory of my first day in school is still fresh in my mind.

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The day of my admission to the school was really an exciting one for.

Strategies for Effective College Writing 1732 Words | 7 Pages. I had a small bag in my hand.

I felt myself like a free bird flying in the open sky.

6.Creative Paragraph Writing: My First Day at School, Assessment of Speaking and Listening (ASL), English MCQ Memories of Childhood Objective quiz Class 12 Part – 4, English MCQ Memories of Childhood Objective quiz Class 12 Part – 3, English MCQ Memories of Childhood Objective quiz Class 12 Part – 2, English MCQ Evans Tries an O-Level Objective quiz Class 12 Part – 3, 152.Short Essay and Article on: The Need for Communal Harmony.

I could not think of anything else. The day of my admission to the school was really an exciting one for. My First Day at School: Paragraph (200 Words) In 2001, I had a very special event in my life. But. Well done! It was the month of January 2007.

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The school was not very far from our home.
Scholars LIFE SPAN DEVELOPMENT AND PERSONALITY Life Span Development and Personality Jocelyn N. McGuire CERTIFICATE OF ORIGINALITY: I certify that the attached paper, which was produced for the class identified above,. Her name is Beth.
The feeling is recreated through the use of allusions, imagery, and. MY FIRST DAY OF COLLEGE I got up at 6 in the morning to the sound of my alarm clock. I actually did not need all these things but had insisted on my taking them with me.

Research demonstrates today’s. Life is full of various events and experiences.

My father proposed that I should be admitted into a school in class one the next day. I could say them all because my mother taught me them at home. I shall never forget the day as long as I live. this is one of the best essay i have read you are in class 2 but how is it that i am in class 4 and dont have this creative mind, Pleasemake article for class8 8 on this topic.

I was always thinking about the school, the teachers as I watched on the TV.

She is seven years old and her birthday is on 13th May, the same as mine. Her brown caramel eyes made my heart skip a beat for I had never seen anything so breathtaking. At last ,days ago It was a Saturday when I first saw her.

Almost immediately I began the routine that I had trained myself for during the week before college began. I had got admission to the nursery class. (2017, Jun 25).


That was wonderful and such an outstanding work. Remember. My father had already filled up the admission form and submitted it to the school Principal a number of days before. I reached my classroom.

After I introduced myself and sat in my place I suddenly heard a small voice from my back.

I am a student. I felt a little awed as I saw a big tall lady with a dominating personality occupying a revolving chair. I saw many students on the school campus. We are and always will be best friends forever. It contained an exercise book, a pencil and an eraser beside me. Then I had breakfast and started for school with my father. On that day we were given preparatory holidays for the Secondary school Examination. Descriptive Essay About The First Day Of College. I felt that my first day of school would be very boring- sitting all alone only copying the notes and looking at the others talking and laughing with their friends. Your email address will not be published. All were looking at me since I was new.

I moved forward rather sheepishly. My father took me to the headmaster’s office and got me admitted in the school. I remember it was my mother who took me to my school on my first day there. There are some memorable days and they remain evergreen in my heart. My mother along with me came out and deposited the fee with the fee clerk.

I was thinking about school, the teachers, the students.

I wouldn’t mind if I had old friends. But she patted me on the back lovingly. The class lasted 35 minutes I had four other periods with a break of 30 minutes. It was, however, on the next day I was actually sent to attend the class. Together let’s make it better. Then he became very pleased with me and admitted me in class one.

I am a student.

I firmly believe that school is much more than what we understand it to be. It was my first day at school. Every child’s first day at school is always very exciting. We had to introduce ourselves.

It was a nice paragraph.I liked it very much. Get Your Custom Essay The Principal was satisfied with my answers and she expressed her satisfaction through a broad smile. I felt a bit nervous once again to see the new faces. You can get your As soon as the bell declaring the end of the recess period goes, the students hurry to their classes and studies again start in right earnest.

Thank God! At exploreabc.com, our objective is to promote original thinking and creativity among children by creating a platform which can encourage and inspire them to do so. My mother was at the gate to receive me. She kissed me and caught me at her arms. Required fields are marked *.

I was then only six years old. Good Morning to all of you.

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