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elsa mora paper cutting

Thank you, Jama, for sharing Elsa’s work.

We all need our daily doses of art and beauty to get us through these tough times. I also learned that creativity and imagination could solve any problem, whether it’s a material problem or an emotional one.

Mora’s work reflects on universal issues of identity, connectivity, and survival.

Love this! Jana, I now feel transported to an infinite garden of thought, feeling & possibilities. All rights reserved.

Thanks for telling us some about her life, too. Please do not reproduce in any form without permission. ❤.

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Although she is a multi-disciplinary artist -- photography, ceramics, jewelry design, painting, illustration, bookmaking -- it was her stunning papercuts that first caught my eye about five or six years ago. Elsa’s work is stunning. That red dress is one of my favorites too. I’m in awe of how she makes her cut paper creations. Are you familiar with the gorgeous cut-paper creations of New York-based multi-media artist Elsa Mora?

Can’t imagine being that patient.

New Works in Paper by Elsa Mora. After graduating, she taught art for two years and then worked part-time in an art gallery. Elsa left home at 16 and attended The Professional School of Visual Arts in Camagüey. My New Holiday Card for the MoMA is now Available! Thanks for sharing, Jama :).

Mora’s work is absolutely gorgeous and just what I need to see today , and every day.


She is married to film producer and writer William Horsberg (“The Talented Mr. Ripley,” “Milk,” “Kite Runner,” “Cold Mountain”), has two children, and is currently the full time Artistic Director of ArtYard, an arts organization founded by a group of artists, filmmakers, curators and writers. artist elsa mora dedicates her time to the art of paper cutting. I’m glad that circumstances were ultimately in her favor so that we can enjoy her work today. My name is Elsa Mora. . A blog dedicated to the magic art of paper cutting. I love Ashley Bryan for the same reason; I cannot imagine all of the tiny work those scissors must do. JORDAN SCHNITZER MUSEUM OF ART, Eugene, Oregon. I admire her resilience, persistence and hard work through the years. Love the whimsy!

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by Elsa Mora | Jun 15, 2018 | Blog, Papercutting, Sculpture. Glad you found this post inspiring and nourishing. I will look for BLOSSOM BUDDIES.

Glad you enjoyed seeing Elsa’s work and learning about her background — quite a journey in so many ways. Unless otherwise credited, all content copyright © 2007-2020 Jama Rattigan.

And her colors — the brightness of the way that light interacts with the shapes, and angles. Elsa Mora’s work feels indescribable. The official blog of Elsa Mora. I am overwhelmed, in the best kind of ways. Through a lot of hard work, she was eventually able to make a living as a full-time artist.

She’s amazing! August 29th, 2018 – January 20th, 2019 Today I’m sharing this series of eight paper pieces titled Mindscapes, (16″ x 19″ each). Originally from Holguín, Cuba, Elsa grew up poor, the fifth of eight children.

It’s just so beautiful!!

– is so sharp and fresh. A multimedia artist based in Los Angeles, CA. Featuring the art of Elsa Mora. I wish there was a Love choice by comments. I love all of the small details. You can visit my new portfolio from the new blog here. It’s so intricate. It is generous of her to share her back story. Many appreciations for this introduction to the wisdom & talent & hard work & exquisite artistry of Elsa Mora.

Jama’s Alphabet Soup participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I’m a Cuban-born artist and artistic director-curator of ArtYard.I’m based in New York and travel often to NJ for work. This discovery changed Elsa’s thinking — she decided she could be whoever she wanted to be. When she was 16, she learned her birthday was actually May 9 instead of May 8.

Wow so creative! She then moved to Havana, where, after meeting a patron/mentor, she became a visiting artist at the University of Chicago.

Love seeing so much that you shared, Jama.

What a journey! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Her pop-up book Fables de la Fontaine (2011) are a story in themselves! all of her work is made by hand, each cut one at a time using an x-acto knife. Apparently her mother preferred the 8th because that year it was Mother’s Day. The detail is incredible!

Paper Illustrations and my New Blog About Papercutting.

Thank you for your support!

Oh, I hope you see the exhibit and tell us all about it!! They are part of the new work that I’ve created for my upcoming solo exhibition at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art in Eugene, Oregon. Seeing her artwork makes me want to get outside & thank our ferns for being alive in our world. I learned that the most precious possession that you have is your mind. Growing up poor taught me a series of important lessons that I will always treasure.

Would love to see that book in person. Oh goodness! She’s been commissioned by the likes of Redbook, The New York Times Magazine, MoMA, Chronicle Books, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan for a wide range of posters, cards, books, book covers, and illustrations. Although she is a multi-disciplinary artist — photography, ceramics, jewelry design, painting, illustration, bookmaking — it was her stunning papercuts that first caught my eye about five or six years ago. Are you familiar with the gorgeous cut-paper creations of New York-based multi-media artist Elsa Mora? Her work has been exhibited all over the world, and can be currently found in the National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA) in Washington, D.C., the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach, California, and in numerous private collections in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Australia, Japan and the United States.

Find out more about Elsa Mora at her Official Website and her two blogs, All About Papercutting and Art is a Way (an inspirational guide to creative living, where she showcases the work of others).

One must SEE it. Whenever you purchase an item through a link on this site, I will receive a small referral fee, to be applied to the cost of recipe ingredients and general blog maintenance. I have stopped updating this place. Here are a few examples of other things she’s done. Thanks for sharing Elsa’s work here! It will be worth scheduling a trip to see this woman’s work in person. FULL STORY: Though she was exposed to many of life’s harsh realities at an early age, her MO for survival has always been the ability to envision her own reality, using the resources at hand. I might have to plan a trip to Oregon next year to see this exhibit..

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