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fallow deer

161 180 14. LBL's herd is believed to be the oldest population of fallow deer in the country, and at one time was the largest. They will spend hours grazing and finding the best grasses. Thirgood, S. J. During the rut, fallow deer bucks can have different strategies for attracting mates, depending on the environment and local population size. [22] Rumination is a critical part of development in the fawn’s life, and this develops about 2 to 3 weeks into the fawn's life. The fallow deer was native to most of Europe during the last interglacial. Fallow Deer Antler. [16], From 1860, fallow deer were introduced into New Zealand. In Pennsylvania, fallow deer are considered livestock, since no feral animals are breeding in the wild. The females and young live in groups, while the males remain apart except in the breeding season. In places like Texas and Argentina, fallow deer are often farmed on ranches. The fallow deer has found its way to North America, South America, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand – most from the import of live animals for hunting. Fallow deer are large members of the Cervidae, or deer, family.

Today, the herd numbers fewer than 150 and hunting of fallow deer is not permitted. These efforts likely carried fallow deer into many parts of Europe. Being naturally less muscular than other cervids such as the roe deer, they are not as fast. In places like Texas and Argentina, fallow deer are often farmed on ranches. Experimentation showed that vocal production of these groans are dependent on both their nasal and oral cavities. [34] Dominance ranks exist within fallow deer populations, which can be linked to aggression level and body size; when competing for a male, however, how ranks are obtained is not studied extensively. The melanistic coat variation is generally rarer, and the white coat variation is very much rarer still, although wild New Zealand herds often have a high melanistic percentage.[6].

Learn more. “Fallow Deer.” Biology Dictionary. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. Typically, fallow deer have a light chestnut-brown coat with white spots during the summer and a duller grey-brown coat in the winter. After mating, females have a gestation period around 8 months long. A small herd, believed to be the oldest in the United States, exists in the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area (LBL) in far western Kentucky and Tennessee. It is native to Europe, but has been introduced around the world. They number about 50 and have resided there for the last 50 years. [9][11], The Rhodian population of fallow deer are smaller on average than those of central and northern Europe, though they are similarly coloured. [30] When males develop their antlers, there are always trade-offs between reproduction and survival, which can shape the decision in an individual's choice. The last population, in teal (4), represents the “modern” introductions of fallow deer that have happened since the early 1900s. [27] Fallow deer can be found in a variety of habitats, which can range from cool and wet to hot and dry. [36] The amount of time spent in a lek can be an important factor in determining male reproductive success; energy can play an important role for the duration of competitive leks. This species of deer has remarkably variable coloration. Their lifespan is around 12–16 years. Different coat colors present at different times of year, through selective breeding, by region, or simply by chance. [22][24], After the birth of the fawn occurs, the females do not return to the herd for at least 10 days and for most of the days the mother is separated from the fawn, returning only to feed the fawn. [22][24] There can be variation within fallow deer mating systems; other than the traditional behaviour of lekking, different types of mating behaviours can include harems, dominance groups, stands, temporary stands, and multiple stands. Thirgood, S. J.

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