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go joon hee she was pretty

Later in his office, Sung-joon returns Hye-jin’s idea sketchbook and admits that he read every page. Sung-joon sees Ha-ri at her hotel and follows her in, calling her Hye-jin and looking hurt that she lied about leaving the country. She insists on paying, until he tells her it’s worth about a thousand dollars, then she’s all I’ll take it as a joke, sir! Distraught, Hye-jin calls out that Ha-ri can’t leave her like this. Sung-joon doesn’t seem to want to let her out of the car at her place, but all he can think of to say is that he’ll see her tomorrow. Jung Eum At the time of “High Kick Through the Roof”, the director told me that leaving aside if my acting is good or not, he often watched me found my acting was unusual and I thought to myself this was the way to go for me.

Hye-jin tries to refuse, but when Shin-hyuk threatens to give it to a passing dog, she can’t let such a pretty bag go that way. I know that feeling. When Sung-joon takes her back to her car, Ha-ri tries one more time to come clean, but she ends up fibbing that she’s engaged. Hye-jin stomps off to bed but she can’t stop thinking of Ha-ri’s words, unable to deny that she had a point. Of course Seul thinks this disqualifies Shin-hyuk as the hidden chaebol, and the only option left is… Poong-ho. The rest of the team is just as deflated when they hear that their next issue will be missing its 12-page cover feature, and they scramble for ideas. I don’t think Sung-joon is in this moment at all, and that he’ll soon wake up and go back to thinking Ha-ri is his Hye-jin, but it’s a lovely tease for when he does finally learn the truth. Sung-joon enters Most’s office, and the editor-in-chief introduces him as their New York transfer, now their deputy editor. She goes to him but he’s practically catatonic by now — Hye-jin sees the nearby accident and knows exactly what’s happening. Sung-joon doesn’t hide his disappointment, mentioning how much he’s been hoping all this time that it was more between them. Hye-jin looks into his earnest eyes for a long time, then cracks up. Chief Editor Kim doesn’t even recognize Hye-jin, but when she introduces herself, Chief Editor Kim finally tells her she looks “very Most-like.” Success! HAHAHAgasp, she’s found herself a hot young Italian model — that’s awesome, especially when he calls her “noona” in his Italian accent. While Shin-hyuk gets everyone dancing again, Hye-jin sees Sung-joon slip away to the office on his own. Joon Hee I cut my hair. With this information, Sung-joon can write a feature article for the twentieth anniversary edition of Most.

I think it will be even more interesting to wonder how the situations and conflict of these 4 people as we’re introduced to the emotions of Jung Eum-nuna who is leading the story. This time there’s no objection, because it’s Sung-joon, here to make sure she gets home safely. Though I agree it was a monumentally stupid choice, I can actually understand why he kept the secret from the Most team — he didn’t want them working in panic mode, trying too hard and changing things for the worse by accident. Of course, we know that the person he’s beginning to feel attracted to IS the real Hye-jin — but for once it’s not because of a trope, or because he thinks Fate has decreed it, but because he truly finds her compelling. Jung Eum And the fact that Kim Hye Jin is the one who created such situation makes it very sad. She sends Hye-jin to work with a double thumbs-up and yells that the shoes look great on her. Waiting for her will be hard for him.

Hye-jin is the only one who isn’t horrified, and she just clasps her hands and sways to the music thinking it swoony. It just feels like they ran out of conflict, or mistakenly thought that the magazine storyline would hold the same interest. Cast : Choi Shi Won, Go Joon Hee, Hwang Jung Eum, Park Seo Joon. Before he knows it, Shin-hyuk is spoon-feeding Sung-joon, grumbling the whole time, which is just the sweetest thing ever. Hye-jin says it’s a good thing they told him she was moving away, so he shouldn’t ever find out that she’s his Hye-jin, and she plans to just work hard and ignore him. it only aired for a few months, but k drama she was pretty is still on the minds and in the hearts of fans.

He even added some ideas, and he compliments her on her “cozy” way of seeing things. Shin-hyuk shows Hye-jin proudly that he saved her puzzle piece, then slides it back to his desk with him. He goes on to explain that he began writing online in high school, and caught the interest of a publisher. So I’m confused that Sung-joon seemed to have a moment of forward motion in learning that he needed all of them to make this happen, then stalled out and pouted that he couldn’t propose to Hye-jin just because the magazine’s success wasn’t entirely because of him. She thanks him, glad to have a friend like him at times like this. On the other hand, I don’t really feel, yet, that Hye-jin’s interest in Sung-joon is romantic. ha ri who gets close to shin hyuk has a heart to heart with him.

It smells completely inedible, so he switches it out with the good porridge that he brought. They all miss Shin-hyuk, and wonder where he is now. Back at the office, the Most employees order soondae (blood sausage made with intestines) and Shin-hyuk makes faces at it. At the same time, Ha-ri gets a text from Sung-joon apologizing for falling asleep, and thanking her for the porridge. He even high-fives and fistbumps her, and she thinks he doesn’t seem much like a chaebol. He tells her that he’ll try to visit, and promises to call and email constantly.

Sung-joon is particularly prissy about the idea, hee. The author encourages her not to give up and gives her a copy of her book as a gift.

Read on to find out. She decides that telling her friend about running into Sung-joon again would only upset her, vowing to handle it herself. Stepmom is right behind her and cryptically says to Sung-joon that they seem to suit each other, and that she’ll see him again. He offers to help her, and stay right by her side. He holds her for a long time, as if he knows it’s the last time. Hye-jin finally gets a glimpse of Sung-joon from the editor’s office, so she’s distracted answering Reporter Cha’s questions about her near-perfect editing job. He actually had a reason to do it — the way she’s so nervous around Sung-joon, he thought it would help them get closer so she could relax. She Was Pretty (Korean: 그녀는 예뻤다; RR: Geunyeoneun Yeppeotta) is a 2015 South Korean television series starring Hwang Jung-eum, Park Seo-joon, Go Joon-hee and Choi Si-won. He’s got a bad habit of ignoring people, even putting himself in danger by blocking out the world (he’s going to break his nose if he doesn’t stop walking into windows), and he’s not going to ever make a connection with anyone until he breaks that habit and starts to engage with others.

He admits that he always thought his way was right, but he learned this time that maybe that’s not always the case. He takes her face in his hands and examines her closely, and finally, finally recognizes his old friend. Ha-ri says softly that it must have been difficult not to have his mother, especially when he was young. Sung-joon feels awkward, but pats her back sweetly.

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