retail store digital signage solution


Retail is one of the most natural environments for digital signage and has been used by stores successfully for quite a while.​

education digital signage solution


Digital signage in educational facilities is used for updates on coming events, displaying news and other stories, information on campus activities and facilities, emergency notifications.​

Microsign healthcare digital signage solution


Hospitals and clinics are some of the fastest adopters of digital signage. They provide relevant and timely information for patients, staff and visitors.

Microsign advertising network signage solution


In any industry, Microsign partners can leverage our stable platform to build networks of displays that use an advertising-supported model to finance the deployment of digital signage.

Microsign Banner Digital Signage Solution


Digital signage is a communication and marketing tool that can be used to broadcast multimedia information in public places from a screen, a wall of screens or with a video projector. The screens can show consumers additional information about the products or the services provided.

Microsign bank digital signage solution


Banking and financial sectors can use digital signage to enhance in-branch customer experience. digital signage implementations deliver high-quality content that is both timely and relevant.

Microsign Digital Signage Hotel Solution


Digital signage for hotels makes the delivery of messaging engaging and fun. Hotels are a transition point for visitors, which makes the customers a ready and willing audience for information about the hotel itself and the locale.

Microsign Airport digital signage solution


The travel experience can be improved greatly by the use of digital signage and using self check in kiosks for customers.